Top 50 Psychics

A List of The Top 50 Psychics


About the book

Top 50 Psychics is a compilation of individuals in the spiritual community that have exhibited gifts above and beyond that of which the average person possesses. The title “Psychic” has often been used as a catch phrase for anyone working in the metaphysical arena. Although Psychics and Mediums often times fall under the same category, there is a difference between the two. Psychics are able to sense information through extrasensory perception most commonly referred to as ESP. By gathering information a gifted Psychic can provide insight to its clients past, present and future allowing them to have a clearer vision for what lies ahead. That being said, not all Psychics are Mediums. A Medium is able to go a step further by connecting with spirits in the afterlife relying on the presence of non-physical to relay messages relevant to the client. Often times Mediums play an important role in helping people heal after the loss of a loved one through the messages they receive. Over 25 years of being in contact with Psychics and Mediums Jennifur Diamond came to realize the expanding need people have to connect with these individuals that are passionate about their gift and have made this line of work their life’s mission. With countless people reaching out everyday in search of a legitimate Psychic or Medium, this is their book! “Top 50 Psychics” is a group of seasoned individuals, all bringing their own style of reading to the table to meet the needs of the client.
The Book Will Be Available in Stores and Online This Summer
Who is Jennifur Diamond
In 1989 while on vacation in Florida Jennifur Diamond was involved in a horrible car accident. While being unconscious for hours after the accident she experienced what most describe as a near death experience (NDE). Watching the Dr's and nurses coming in and out of her room and having a complete feeling of peacefulness she understood what happens when you leave your body. After she woke in the hospital she realized that she had heightened abilities. The days that followed in the hospital and after her release proved to be challenging as she tried to make sense of her experience as well as her newfound gifts. Through her journey she discovered the guidance she receives daily has been the catalyst for expanding her abilities far beyond her previous comprehension of people places and thing. The work she has done has assisted others when they have lost loved ones and opened windows of hope for many that thought they were lost themselves. While Jennifur’s gift is not one that she expected, she has acknowledged that her insight is one that others can benefit from. Jennifur lives in Beverly Hills, is the author of “Waking up Psychic” and founder and contributing editor for